ODDLY IMPLODED // They Just Sit About



1. Stifling Giant Pillows
2. Riveting The Universe Together
3. On It, Or In It
4. Suck Of The Bramble Tentacles
5. They Crackle And Drag
6. The Seascape Is Sheeted




The Italian sound explorer Francesco Gregoretti has more than an idiosyncratic idea of how to approach a drumkit using all its capacities, usually by over-amplifying it and sculpting the resulting feedbacks – he has a musical concept, manifested by several projects. Oddly Imploded is one of those, amongst its siblings Strongly Imploded and Grizzly Imploded. That concept goes through very particular combinations of the timbres produced by skins and metals with the roar or the murmurs of an electric guitar, as we hear from his association with Olivier di Placido. Inspired by the mathematics of Chaos Theory, he choosed the tightrope walker way, trying to find an equilibrium between chance on one side and structure on the other. With Oddly Imploded the guitarist is another like-minded adventurer, Maurizio Argenziano, and with him the music finds a way between ambient and noise, with reminiscences of the most radical free improvisation. Can you imagine a punkish version of the (never happened) duo of Gunter “Baby” Sommer and Fred Frith? No, you can’t…