D. LIEDEL . vocals, guitars, electronics, kalimba, & tambourine
F. OZUNA . vocals on 01
K. PRESS . flute on 02 & saxophones on 02,03, 05

01 Writing “#6”
02 A Radical Cell
03 Sacred Punctuation
04 The Wrong Life
05 It Makes All of Our Burdens Lighter to Bear



At first impression, it is ambiguous whether the name Moon-Liters/Millennium Development Goals signifies a band or even two connected concepts. Philadelphian poly-instrumentalist (vocals, guitars, drum machine, electronics) D. Liedel, composed this group of songs as an open conversation using the methodologies of jazz, electro, heavy metal, hardcore punk, mambo, and calypso, tooling them over the course of the past two years with a few friends. The music inside is written with the homespun quality that counterintuitively seems to have been obliterated by the present omnicapacity of computers. “Nerve Agent!” sound like it could have been recorded by some fervorous recluse in the ‘80s or ‘90s with low-priced equipment and an old cassette deck to be unearthed by collectors. But the writing of the songs themselves sound new, fresh, and full of life. This is rock at its most uncommercial, uncompromised, and alien to industrial purposes. Authentic, grounded and profoundly popular – in the sense of coming from the people – with no “professional” intermediaries. Exactly what’s missing from the contemporary music scene.