JUHANI SILVOLA // Wolf Hour Roundelay


JUHANI SILVOLA . prepared acoustic guitar and electronics

01 A New Refutation Of Time
02 World Of Wings And Mirages
03 Wolf Hour Roundelay
04 The Eternal Present
05 Meditation (Last Light)
06 Night Song From The Canopy
07 Meditation (First Light)
08 Procession (Infinite Regress)
09 Ripples On The River Of Time


Finnish/Norwegian guitarist Juhani Silvola is committed to the formulation of an avant-folk aesthetic, profiting from both his interests in the Finnish, Norwegian and Scottish traditions and in electro-acoustic contemporary music. If playing with artists as different as trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer and violinist Sarah-Jane Summers may seem already puzzling, Silvola’s ideas go even further in the projects under his own name, finding inner connections between popular music and experimentation, and visioning the traditional frameworks as good materials for innovation. “Wolf Hour Roundelay” is presented by him as «speculative sonic archaeology» and as «ritual music made by a civilisation that could have stepped off the pages of a Jorge Luis Borges story». He uses prepared acoustic guitars for that purpose, like Henry Cowell and John Cage with the piano, using objects upon, between and underneath the strings, and sometimes adding an electric guitar amplifier and pedal effects to obtain what he imagines inside his head. The resulting pieces are simultaneously familiar and strange, created for a mind-blowing listening.