FLAK // Magpie Live


FLAK  . Guitar, Keyboard, Programming
Rui Alves . Electronic drums
Francisco Rebelo . Bass, Baritone guitar
Guilherme Rodrigues . Cello
Luis Lopes . Guitar
Rodrigo Amado . Tenor saxophone
José Lencastre . Alto saxophone&nbsp

01 Magpie
02 Movement Two
03 Warming up with the moon
04 Fog in Paradise
05 Below Ground Zero 8



Founding member, in the Eighties, of the Portuguese pop-rock band Rádio Macau, the legendary guitarist known as Flak has a side path in more exploratory and experimental circuits, with projects like A Máquina do Almoço Dá Pancadas (something like The Lunch Machine Kicks), introducing is interest to jazz, and Micro Audio Waves, this one taking him to the domaines of electronic music. For this album, the fourth under his own name, marking 60 years of life and 40 of musical activity, he invited musicians of the fields of avant-jazz, free improvised music and beat music coming out from funk, namely Rodrigo Amado, José Lencastre, Luís Lopes, Guilherme Rodrigues, Francisco Rebelo and Rui Alves, taking another step forward on is brilliant career. This is the result, uniting the worlds of jazz and electronic music in inventive and intriguing ways.