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As the title promises you, this record is a compilation of compositions for conventional, acoustic, musical instruments. And yes, it is electronic music – more exactly, there’s a laptop computer digesting a series of personal plugins (some sound like if there’s modular synthesizers being used, but you shouldn’t be surprised, André Gonçalves is the builder of the ADDAC synths). So, here you have: a contradiction of terms. If it gets you confused and makes you babble “no way”, to the Portuguese sound artist and engineer that paradox was the embraced creative challenge: to play instrumental music with custom-built software. The results are completely different from previous works by Gonçalves (compare it, for instance, with “Currents & Riptides” also released by Shhpuma) and this circumstance also comes from his natural predisposition to always cover new grounds only with the simple purpose to follow the flow and discover where it gets you. That’s why every piece is so fresh, so positively “innocent” and so astonishing, the theory comes after the praxis and it’s up to you, listener, to develop it.