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  • ANDRÉ GONÇALVES // Instrumentals

    André Gonçalves embraced a new and adventurous journey of composing for conventional, acoustic, musical instruments. Daring to go even further than he has gone before. Since everything Gonçalves does shines this one is no exception - proving us once again what a genius he is. Every piece is so fresh, so positively “innocent” and so astonishing. A wonderful surprise.


    The music inside is to complex, to exploratory, to deliciously strange to have a label. Imersive, but never imposing on us, it takes its listeners to a flight above ourselves and our surroundings, as if studying us in relation to space and time.

  • EGIL KALMAN & FREDRIK RASTEN // Weaving a Fabric of Winds (CD/LP/WAV)

    Kalman & Rasten invite us for an idyllic journey where they explore long lasting and slowly developing chords and justly tuned harmonic relationships. These are warm and depurated sounds that will stick into your head long after the music stops.

  • JEAN D. L – Forays (Feat. Lee Ranaldo & Margaret Hermant)

    “Forays” is a journey to the inner self more than to the cosmos, and sometimes it gets noisy because there’s nothing in this record of the new age / neo-hippie myth that states the inside of our minds as the place where peace sleeps

  • JOÃO LOBO // Simorgh (LP+CD)

    Simorgh is João Lobo’s latest creation featuring two particularly inspiring musicians: guitar mogul Norberto Lobo and doublebass wonder Soet Kempeneer. Together they explore Lobo’s eclectic musical realm which means rhythmical oceans and melodic hills, big landscapes with very far horizons that seem out of time and space. This is very original music only possible in Lobo´s world.


    This music isn’t jazz, or rock, or improvised music or any other genre and tendency as such, but assembles elements of all those categories and more in non-conformist ways. This is the cyber-punk dream turned into music, and it’s marvelous.

  • OKER // Susurrus (LP+CD)

    There are inspirations here from folk, minimal composed music, improvised music and maybe even post rock, all formed in a way that sounds like nothing but Oker. "Sussurus" gives us a kind of concrète, acousmatic music where tapes or electronic devices are replaced by acoustic instruments. And it sounds beautifully.

  • ROBERT DICK & NICOLA L. HEIN // Structures of Unreason

    Aspects and gestures of a percussive, tactile musicality and an atmospheric energy, incisive and pungent at times, at others more soft and airy, but always diffused and pervasive, are the aesthetic signature of the artistic meeting and the mutual sonic intermingling of two extraordinary improvisers.

  • THE KILLING POPES // Ego Kills

    Second opus of the Killing Popes on Shhpuma - The musical concept has the same coordinates, but pushed even further to the limits and maybe beyond: disjointed structures, jumping grooves, a jazz statement for the second decade of the 21st century, introjecting aspects of art rock and electronic club music. It’s funny, it’s mind blowing, it’s still new and different.  


    The post-production electronic processings of Machinefabriek enabled the musicians to go to unpredictable consequences: a puzzling sort of cybernetic tribal music, primeval dance rhythms associated with the space imaginaries introduced by Sun Ra but also Tangerine Dream.

  • TONED // The Private Sector

    TONED pits the fiercely analog, animalistic saxophone of Tom Weeks against the crushing digital precision of Nathan Corder's eminently mutable networks, alongside the poly directional structures of Leo Suarez’s approach to percussion.

  • TRAVASSOS // Life is a Simple Mess (Book + CD)

    Life is a Simple Mess presents us with an imaginary journey divided into three stages: "Life is Simple", "Life is a Mess" and "Mish-Mash" where simple and complex forms co-exist in a natural and complementary way. Along the way Nate Wooley´s texts give us clues and revelations for a possible interpretation of this symbiotic scenario of the real-unreal.

  • NICOLAS SNYDER // Temporary Places

    These are Temporary Places indeed, moving and evolving, but all the while holding space for personal exploration and contemplation. Just beautiful.

  • TYLER HIGGINS // Broken Blues

    Can you imagine Charles Mingus jamming with the band Earth at a Baptist church service? No? Well, here it is, by the hands (and head) of a multi-instrumentalist in love with electric guitar feedback and the vast blues, gospel, folk, jazz and rock patrimony of that big, deep, fascinating and contradictory melting pot we call the USA

  • BIG BOLD BACK BONE // In Search Of The Emerging Species

    An album of unconventional collective improvisation using extended techniques in a large work of evolving, subtle interactions, magnifying sound and gesture in an engrossing sonic environment. A beautiful record to listen to microscopically, dropping all the tasks of everyday life.


    The resulting music is so intelligently funny, bright and light, going from beautiful moments to chaos and back. If you had any doubts about the capacity of the present-day jazz musicians to renew their imaginations and creativity, this record will change your mind. Oli Steidle, a box of surprises.