Teaser for Harmonies


“Black Bombaim & Peter Brotzmann is the most exhilarating albums of the year, a trance-inducing, yet exultant…

Ich Bin Nintendo – Growth

Amazing video for Nick Millevoi – Desertion

Listen to Powertrio // Di Lontan


OZO live at Serralves em Festa

Full concert

Oba Loba on Wire Magazine – Issue 377

OZO – A Kind of Zo

New release What happens when a classical pianist who loves jazz and free improvisation (Paulo Mesquita) join…

Magari by Oba Loba

Taken from Norberto Lobo / João Lobo – Oba Loba

This Portuguese label Shhpuma is putting out amazing stuff the last few years

Kurt Gottschalk (Signal to Noise, The Wire, the Brooklyn Rail, Coda or Time Out-New York...)

Touch by Coclea

Fred Frith on Shhpuma – exclusive on LP

FRED FRITH AND HELEN MIRRA // Kwangsi – Quail Like every Helen Mirra’s creation, the frame of…

Nightdrive – by Quest

Quest mini world tour

Quest Mini world tour Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes will be performing in U.S.A, Madeira, Cabo Verde…

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Thurston Moore on Shhpuma

It´s now a reality. The giant Thurston Moore joined the Shhpuma´s catalog. SHH10LP it´s a smashing record…

Festival Rescaldo

Held in Lisbon since 2007, the RESCALDO Festival is now in its 9th year. Bringing together Portugal’s…

Shhpuma @ Wire Magazine

Not satisfied with being one of the 21st century’s most productive jazz labels, Lisbon based Clean Feed…

Pão live @ Trem Azul

You can now listen for free Pão live at Trem Azul. A concert integrated in Lisbon Week…

In Praise of Disorder – layout

There is something of a skeptical respect between the arts; a respect for the work of another…

Filipe Felizardo + Matana Roberts

Filipe Felizardo, Lisbon-based guitarist and visual artist, emerged rapidly into the forefront of the Portuguese exploratory music…


Promotional poster made for Shhpuma. Limited edition of 50 copies. We dont sell it but  if you…