STEPHEN LEWIS . dobro, lap steel, piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, charango
SPENCER GRADY . banjo, piano, keyboards, field recordings, radio

1 Comedown Peculiar
2 Natchez Trace
3 Slide & Tenison
4 Cask Of Amontillado
5 Dial You A Wonderhorse
6 O, Worshipful Company Of Sleepers 7 Hissy Cups
8 Questionable Runes 9 God’s Plenty



Padang Food Tigers – comprised of London duo Stephen Lewis and Spencer Grady – release their fifth album, God’s Plenty, an enchanting, often surreal, ambient-folk tapestry full of dreamlike reveries and poignantly real memories.
Weaving minimal acoustic abstractions of dobro and banjo atop organ-led drones and keening lap- steel flickers, the pair’s emotive music sees them engage in a succession of playful improvisational back-and-forths, while imbuing their more traditionally-minded tendencies with a spectral, hypnagogic gauze and spontaneous sense of wonder.
Still marked by the signature traces of Ry Cooder, Virginia Astley, Scott Tuma and Bruce Langhorne’s The Hired Hand that characterised earlier works, God’s Plenty finds Padang Food Tigers relocating to an increasingly phantasmagorical realm, a locus where family ghosts co-habit with bizarre radio transmissions and the reverb-drenched blues of an electric guitar mournfully makes its plea beside a doleful gutbucket refrain.