MIR 8 // Perihelion (LP)


ANDREA BELFI . drums, percussion
WERNER DAFELDECKER . function generators, bass
TIM WRIGHT . computer, electronics

Side A
1. Longharms
2. Scarborough Sky

Side B
3. De Orbit
4. Event Horizon




The debut album by MIR 8 on Shhpuma features four cinematic tracks following an abstract narrative through panoramic landscapes, masterfully produced with multi-layered hybrid structures of orchestral strings, trombone, electronics and percussion. “Perihelion” is a solar orbit steered by four seasoned musical voyagers. Werner Dafeldecker has produced new forms as an integral member of Polwechsel, introducing post-minimalist shifts in the improvised and experimental scenes of Vienna, Berlin and beyond. Hilary Jeffery played trombone in Tim Wright’s early 90s UK electronica project Germ and they subsequently worked together in the “electro-metal-voodoo-jazz” group Sand, releasing three astonishing albums on Soul Jazz Records. Andrea Belfi’s drumming is a time-tested element in radical music of the last twenty years. Together as MIR 8 these four unique musicians have created an album which combines an unusual blend of idioms without any dilution. The listener gets immersed into a genre bending soundscape of lush movie soundtrack strings, pulsating bass driven electronics, polyrhythmic tessellations and introspective melodies unwinding into deep space. The hypnotic structures of MIR 8 unwravel through the mind as a real “cinema for the ear” inspired by Hilary Jeffery’s travel through the Sahara, Andrea Belfi’s percussive divings into the ocean’s depths, Tim Wright’s evocative journey’s into twilight post-rave mind states and Werner Dafeldecker’s pioneering orbits of the cosmos, up to and including the event-horizon.