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  • EGIL KALMAN & FREDRIK RASTEN // Weaving a Fabric of Winds (CD/LP/WAV)

    Kalman & Rasten invite us for an idyllic journey where they explore long lasting and slowly developing chords and justly tuned harmonic relationships. These are warm and depurated sounds that will stick into your head long after the music stops.

  • LUÍS LOPES // Love Song: Post Ruins

    An eternalized moment, full of emotions. Everything sounds as a suspended cadence, very slow and melancholic. This beautiful, enigmatic edition has complementary contributions by the photographer André Cepeda


    This music isn’t jazz, or rock, or improvised music or any other genre and tendency as such, but assembles elements of all those categories and more in non-conformist ways. This is the cyber-punk dream turned into music, and it’s marvelous.

  • ODDLY IMPLODED // They Just Sit About

    Between ambient and noise, with reminiscences of the most radical free improvisation. Can you imagine a punkish version of the (never happened) duo of Gunter “Baby” Sommer and Fred Frith? No, you can’t…

  • TRAVASSOS // Life is a Simple Mess (Book + CD)

    Life is a Simple Mess presents us with an imaginary journey divided into three stages: "Life is Simple", "Life is a Mess" and "Mish-Mash" where simple and complex forms co-exist in a natural and complementary way. Along the way Nate Wooley´s texts give us clues and revelations for a possible interpretation of this symbiotic scenario of the real-unreal.

  • TRIGGER // Pull

    Trigger is something else, this new “Pull” showing us that there’s more to do after Zorn’s tutelage. Namely, a thrashy, punkish, garage-like version of free rock conceived as a cathartic ritual, with all the savage beauty of chaos.

  • NAO // Arcana

    A musical vision born in the crossroads of industrial rock and free jazz. Poli-instrumental in its nature, with keyboards, synthesizers and a drum machine inhabiting the saturated sound spectrum with a tenor saxophone and an electric guitar, the music is the syncretic next step of several styles and tendencies in urban music today

  • BIG BOLD BACK BONE // In Search Of The Emerging Species

    An album of unconventional collective improvisation using extended techniques in a large work of evolving, subtle interactions, magnifying sound and gesture in an engrossing sonic environment. A beautiful record to listen to microscopically, dropping all the tasks of everyday life.


    The resulting music is so intelligently funny, bright and light, going from beautiful moments to chaos and back. If you had any doubts about the capacity of the present-day jazz musicians to renew their imaginations and creativity, this record will change your mind. Oli Steidle, a box of surprises.

  • NICOLA L. HEIN // The Oxymothastic Objectar

    An exciting and unpredictable musical journey, driving the performer into a situation of the biggest musical and logical challenges: Music as a self accomplishing Skepticism.

  • RAPHAEL VANOLI // Bibrax

    Raphael Vanoli amazing technique of gently blowing on the strings creating beautiful harmonies and intense dynamics rarely explored, effected to create complex sonic compositions with unique, unusual and fascinating properties


    The French experimental rock quartet gathered a super team, of our most beloved portuguese musicians: Ana Deus, Carlos Zingaro, Bernardo Devlin, Coclea, Luís Fernandes, Joana Gama, Lula Pena, Maria Radich, Paulo Furtado, Paulo Segadães, Filho da Mãe, Calhau!, Rita Braga, Yaw Tembe, Rafael Toral... A.O. A special one

  • LUÍS JOSÉ MARTINS // Tentos – Invenções e Encantamentos

    An album of incredible detail and lyrical, beautiful playing in original compositions that blends classical guitar with modern techniques and electronics into melodic masterpieces...

  • HUMCRUSH // Enter Humcrush

    Humcrush are back - influences from both jazz, electronica and rock continues to this day, probably more than before, but there was a weight loss of the resources and, in consequence, of the music itself. This one was subtracted to find its essence...

  • TIMESPINE // Urban Season

    Timespine sounds like American folk music from another dimension in the multiverse, a folk music filled with twisted and bizarre – but very explicit – rock and jazz elements.

  • KNALPOT // Dierendag

    Polyrhythms with crazy metrics live together with harmonic constructions showing the refinement of contemporary classical music, but the lightness of it all, the good vibes, the colorful, joyous, character are distinctive of pop music. What a surprise!

  • ALBATRE // The Fall of the Damned

    Colorful harmonic cloud formations and harsh noise fusing in strange ways . There’s aspects of jazz- rock and of psychedelic and progressive rock going on – it’s like discovering a new planet...

  • ALFORJS // Demons 1

    Ritualistic, tribal, neo-primitivist and retro-futurist, Alforjs has a very special place among what is out there of more intriguing and radical in this final stretch of the 21st century’s second decade


    The music keeps being puzzling and mysterious, but the beauty of it all is overwhelming.

  • MÚSICA DE SELVAGEM // Volume Único

    Featuring Sessa,Tim Bernardes, Luiza Lian and Pedro Pastoriz. In a collaboration with the Brazilian label selo RISCO.


    This is a meeting written in the psychedelic sky. Listening to this music, we finally discover that there’s not much separating rock and jazz... this is one of the discographic pearls of the year 2016.

  • TYLER HIGGINS // Blue Mood

    Blue Mood is a intuitive synthesis of traditional folk, blues, and jazz material through the filter of experimental techniques. A late night feel with beautifull cinematic arrangements

  • MARIA DA ROCHA // Beetroot & Other Stories

    Portuguese, violinist and violetist with parallel careers in erudite and experimental improvised music, explores, with distinction, the possibilities of the interaction between the violin and the electronics...

  • NICK MILLEVOI // Desertion

    Millevoi assembles musicians like Jamie Saft, Johnny DeBlase, Ches Smith, Dan Blacksberg and June Bender for a record that summons the folk, country, and blues roots of present day American music.


    Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido is a wildly eclectic, ‘post- everything’ explosion, taking on aspects of contemporary classical music, jazz, experimental electro- acoustic, math-rock, pop, non-Western folklore, exotica and vaudeville...

  • ROJI // The Hundred Headed Woman

    We can say that this recording sounds almost like an encounter between Bill Laswell and Mick Harris (Napalm Death), but simultaneously more trashy and more jazzy, more Public Image Limited and more Sunn 00)))


    Midtown Tilt is an amalgamation of jazz, psychedelic blues, surf music, and country rock instrumentals, often reminding us of Neil Young’s Crazy Horse...


    Even when the beat gets a little bit lighter, all the tracks of this record are excessive and crazy. We only want to jump and scream, not of rage, but because of the good vibes always emanating


    Is remarkable how they manage to create in real-time a set of energy fields that have tangible musical coherency, syntaxes both full of extra-verbal meaning yet also partaking of sheer sound sensibility....It’s a joy to listen.

  • ANDRÉ GONÇALVES // Currents & Riptides

    Every kind of situation you can imagine is covered here : combinations of analogic and digital sounds and tools, processing of field recordings and ready-made materials, ambient soundscapes, noise, textures in constant change, immersive and insistent drones

  • POWERTRIO // Di Lontan

    This is bright, transparent new music in which the energy of each note, idea, of all sounds is featured in its plenitude. It comes wrapped in subtle forms that ensure a continuum, simultaneously delicate and effective.

  • OZO // A Kind of Zo

    What happens when a classical pianist who loves jazz and free improvisation join forces with a drummer coming from pop music, but with a special interest in electro-acoustic experimentation ? It happens what we hear in this surprising and wonderful debut CD

  • COCLEA // Coclea

    Imagine the gaseous density of a comet’s tail dissipating itself to reveal a clean, bright and transparent crystal surface


    There’s more than one way to listen to “Oba Loba”: as a folk work going beyond the codes of this music idiom, “weird folk” included, or as a jazz opus contaminated by other expressions, more than what usually happens in the “creative jazz” segment.


    Everything flows like Zen soundscapes in the inner world inside our heads, and the music has a poetic, lyrical dimension that makes us reconnect with the idea of Beauty of the Ancient Greeks.

  • HELEN MIRRA AND ERNST KAREL // Maps of Parallels 41ºN and 49ºN

    And when we are convinced that music is something else than what we get here, music emerges, with a subtle, but strong effect, with micro and macro dimensions


    The river-meeting-music flows soft and slow, and abstract and in a non-linear way, becoming hypnotic and suspending time

  • EDUARDO RAON // On the Drive For Impulsive Actions

    The classical background is there, but the applied extended techniques, the real-time electronic processing and the adoption of improvisational methods brings the harp to other and very different pathways


    Imagine like if Thelonious Monk and Steve Reich were the same person, and with the kind of atmospheres that we imagine Brian Eno and Alvin Lucier could make together

  • JOANA SÁ // In Praise of Disorder

    An exploration of an enormous musical freedom . Always in search of the liberation, the energy and the surprise of a gesture in sound

  • JOANA SÁ & LUIS JOSÉ MARTINS // Almost a Song

    Nearly. Nearly a song, somewhat familiar. Nearly comfortable, almost fulfilling. The melody stays ever-open, indefinite, and then the song departs, breaks, never arrives.

  • ALBATRE // A Descent into Maelstrom

    Albatre plays a schizoid music which has free jazz and rock (as envisioned by punk and metal) as idiomatic poles

  • PARQUE // The Earworm Versions

    The music corresponds to the precepts of structured improvisation in an electro-acoustic environment, focusing mainly on the use of textures where noise clusters and harmonic constructions are closely interlaced

  • FILIPE FELIZARDO // Guitar Soli for the Moa and the Frog

    “Guitar soli…” is an accomplished ghost blues meditation, an engaging work of shade, mirror, and absence, with the ease and confidence of a deep-rooted and obsessively focused creative vision

  • PÃO // Pão

    Melody, though somber, is indeed a key concept that point out interesting new directions for drone music, near-silence improvisation and free-form jazz-infused explorations