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    This music isn’t jazz, or rock, or improvised music or any other genre and tendency as such, but assembles elements of all those categories and more in non-conformist ways. This is the cyber-punk dream turned into music, and it’s marvelous.

  • ROBERT DICK & NICOLA L. HEIN // Structures of Unreason

    Aspects and gestures of a percussive, tactile musicality and an atmospheric energy, incisive and pungent at times, at others more soft and airy, but always diffused and pervasive, are the aesthetic signature of the artistic meeting and the mutual sonic intermingling of two extraordinary improvisers.

  • TONED // The Private Sector

    TONED pits the fiercely analog, animalistic saxophone of Tom Weeks against the crushing digital precision of Nathan Corder's eminently mutable networks, alongside the poly directional structures of Leo Suarez’s approach to percussion.

  • TRAVASSOS // Life is a Simple Mess (Book + CD)

    Life is a Simple Mess presents us with an imaginary journey divided into three stages: "Life is Simple", "Life is a Mess" and "Mish-Mash" where simple and complex forms co-exist in a natural and complementary way. Along the way Nate Wooley´s texts give us clues and revelations for a possible interpretation of this symbiotic scenario of the real-unreal.

  • NICOLAS SNYDER // Temporary Places

    These are Temporary Places indeed, moving and evolving, but all the while holding space for personal exploration and contemplation. Just beautiful.

  • TYLER HIGGINS // Broken Blues

    Can you imagine Charles Mingus jamming with the band Earth at a Baptist church service? No? Well, here it is, by the hands (and head) of a multi-instrumentalist in love with electric guitar feedback and the vast blues, gospel, folk, jazz and rock patrimony of that big, deep, fascinating and contradictory melting pot we call the USA

  • BIG BOLD BACK BONE // In Search Of The Emerging Species

    An album of unconventional collective improvisation using extended techniques in a large work of evolving, subtle interactions, magnifying sound and gesture in an engrossing sonic environment. A beautiful record to listen to microscopically, dropping all the tasks of everyday life.

  • HUMCRUSH // Enter Humcrush (LP)

    Oh, yes! The very first seconds of the music on Enter Humcrush let you know that this duo means business! What you get is a very electric-electronic set of hard avant rock-jazz freedom, a sort of evolved psychedelia the way things are in the constant process of panning out today... And it kicks it! Oh, it does!


    The resulting music is so intelligently funny, bright and light, going from beautiful moments to chaos and back. If you had any doubts about the capacity of the present-day jazz musicians to renew their imaginations and creativity, this record will change your mind. Oli Steidle, a box of surprises.

  • HUMCRUSH // Enter Humcrush

    Humcrush are back - influences from both jazz, electronica and rock continues to this day, probably more than before, but there was a weight loss of the resources and, in consequence, of the music itself. This one was subtracted to find its essence...

  • TIMESPINE // Urban Season

    Timespine sounds like American folk music from another dimension in the multiverse, a folk music filled with twisted and bizarre – but very explicit – rock and jazz elements.

  • KNALPOT // Dierendag

    Polyrhythms with crazy metrics live together with harmonic constructions showing the refinement of contemporary classical music, but the lightness of it all, the good vibes, the colorful, joyous, character are distinctive of pop music. What a surprise!

  • MIR 8 // Perihelion (LP)

    The listener gets immersed into a genre bending soundscape of lush movie soundtrack strings, pulsating bass driven electronics, polyrhythmic tessellations and introspective melodies unwinding into deep space

  • NICOLA L. HEIN // The Oxymothastic Objectar

    An exciting and unpredictable musical journey, driving the performer into a situation of the biggest musical and logical challenges: Music as a self accomplishing Skepticism.

  • ALBATRE // The Fall of the Damned

    Colorful harmonic cloud formations and harsh noise fusing in strange ways . There’s aspects of jazz- rock and of psychedelic and progressive rock going on – it’s like discovering a new planet...

  • ALFORJS // Demons 1

    Ritualistic, tribal, neo-primitivist and retro-futurist, Alforjs has a very special place among what is out there of more intriguing and radical in this final stretch of the 21st century’s second decade